Welcome to the International Veterinary Receptionist Association

The IVRA is a not-for-profit membership organisation whose mission is to recognise and raise the status of Veterinary Receptionists through collaboration, education and qualifications internationally.

What does the IVRA do?

Professional Body

Acts as a professional body to focus on the interests of veterinary receptionists internationally.​

Promotes Status

Promotes the status of veterinary receptionists within the profession and to the public.

Training & Certification

Enables career progression by up-skilling through training and certification.​


Sets the standard for veterinary receptionists through training and accreditation.​

Networking Hub

Acts as a networking hub to share experiences and learning​.

Member Benefits

Provides a wealth of membership benefits to its members.

Benefits of being an IVRA member

Being part of  IVRA you are investing in your teams personal and professional development as a veterinary receptionist. Enjoy exclusive access to our community and a multitude of benefits. You can also help your team feeling valued and gaining a wider sense of how their contribution matters to the practice as a business, improved communication with colleagues and clients, which all have an impact on improving animal welfare.


What our clients say

Glad to finally get our reception team recognised for the hard work they do and to get some relevant training to their role.

Veterinary Receptionist

IVRA is really changing my life and giving me a focus on my career, just wanted to say thank you for organising the training and emphasis on receptionists, I really appreciate it!

Veterinary Receptionist